The Club will be operating in accordance with Provincial Health Regulations, all players will be required to show proof of vaccination to participate (1 dose by September 13 and 2 doses by October 24). 


Seniors League

Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 1pm, beginning November 2.  

Drop-in format, teams will be set by the organizer at the start of each session.

Tuesday & Wednesday Open League

Teams 1 through 10 curl on Tuesday, teams 11 through 22 curl on Wednesday. (Keep in mind we are finalizing details regarding which teams curl which nights so this could be updated, your team will be notified if your night changes from that detailed below).

To receive communications regarding the season, please ensure the club has your email address. If you aren't sure, send a note to ferniecurling@gmail.com and we will add you to the list. 



Tuesday (6:45 pm draws only):

  1. The Rockettes

  2. The Sheet Disturbers

  3. Bryn, Evan, Brian, Dave

  4. Tom’s Team

  5. The Nippers

  6. Old Stoners

  7. James, Fraser, Scott, Warwick, Kennedy

  8. Super Heroes

  9. Run D.M.Sweeps

  10. Curl Jam

Wednesday (6:45 pm draws only):

11. Game of Stones

12. Silver Sweepers

13. On the Rocks

14. Old Guys Rule

15. Social Hacks

16. Curl Jam

17. The Pretenders

18. Plaid

19. Curling-Like Symptoms

20. Baby Broomers

21. The Rocksters

22. Chandra, Jake, Dennis, Lindsay


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